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Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion™ for Android Devices

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion™ is an additional way to practice your new language. It's similar to the Audio Companion, but offers additional functionality—speech recognition! You'll be able to review vocabulary and practice important phrases, all while using your Android device. This interactive practice application is available to all Android devices which meet these requirements:

  • Android is 2.3.3 or greater
  • Have a microphone
  • Ability to edit the device's audio settings
  • An external storage device (E.g. an SD card)
  • An internet connection

This mobile app is available for download in all Google Play markets except the following: Cuba ,Iran, Korea (North), Liberia, Mynamar, Sudan, Belarus, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia. Please check back for more global releases!

To start practicing with TOTALe Companion, visit Google Play and download the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion. Enter your Rosetta Stone TOTALe e-mail address and password. Download the exercises and you’ll be able to practice and improve your new language anytime, anywhere!

*The following languages are not available at this time: Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, and Chinese.

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