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Deactivate Rosetta Stone Version 3

Would you rather watch a video? Here's a video tutorial of how to deactivate your Version 3 product.

Reasons to Deactivate:

  • If you choose to move the program to another computer
  • You would like to return or exchange your copy of Rosetta Stone
  • You are upgrading your computers operating system. Example: Windows Vista to Windows 7

To Deactivate Rosetta Stone

1. Open Rosetta Stone Version 3

2. Click the Preferences button on the upper-right corner of the screen

3. Click Add or Remove Languages


4. Click Deactivate Products


5. Click the box next to the products that you wish to deactivate

6. Click Deactivate selected products

7. Click Yes, continue with deactivation

8. Write down your Activation ID, and Deactivation Code
9. Click Finalize deactivation


10. Lastly, go to and enter your Activation and Deactivation codes to finalize the deactivation so you may activate again on another computer.

For further assistance please contact us to process your deactivation.

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